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The Bachelor in Business program has been designed for the international student who wants to learn all about business, and how it functions.  In addition, students will learn how to communicate properly as leaders in organizations. The program consists of 40 courses, which can be completed in 3 or 4 years, depending on a student’s time availability. The Bachelor Program  provides current knowledge into the  requirements for the new millennium and the globalization of the world.  Students will learn how to write, how to use mathematics, understand economics, learn how to start a business, understand cyber security, become familiar with supply and demand, and know how to use statistics.  In addition, students will learn leadership skills, understand cross-cultural communication, understand the digital world, and international business.  Students completing the American Global University Bachelor Program will be well-prepared to enter the world of business.  Students will begin to understand what other knowledge they will need to build their value to employers or to themselves as entrepreneurs.

The following are the 5-week courses offered by American Global University in its Global Bachelor Degree in Business Program (3 year completion). The program is designed so that students may take more than one course at a time.

Year 1

  1. COMP101     Composition, First Year

  2. COMM101   Introduction to Human Communication

  3. CRTL101        Critical Thinking and Logic

  4. LEAD101       Leadership Foundation

  5. ACCT102       Introduction to Accounting

  6. MKTG102     Introduction to Marketing

  7. INFO102       Introduction to Information Systems

  8. BUWR102    Business Writing

  9. SOCI103        Introduction to Sociology

  10. PSYC103        Introduction to Psychology

  11. BUSS103       Business and Society

  12. GLBU103      Global Business Awareness

  13. ORGB103      Introduction to Organizational Behavior

Year 2

  1. COMP201     Creative Writing

  2. LEAD201       Global Leadership

  3. ECON201      Micro-economics

  4. STAT201        Business Statistics

  5. ECON202      Principles of Macro-economics

  6. INTB202        International Business

  7. MATH202     Mathematical Analysis for Business

  8. BLAW202     Business Law and Ethics

  9. MKTM203    Strategic Marketing Management

  10. SECU203       Cyber-Security

  11. BUSS203       Leadership in Organizations

  12. ACCT203       Managerial Accounting II

  13. SUPP203       Supply Operations Management

  14. FINA301        Fundamentals of Finance

  15. BUSP301       Business Plan Creations

  16. PROF301       Professional Selling and Management

Year 3

  1. ENTR301       Entrepreneurship

  2. SMBU302     Small Business Management

  3. PRMG302     Project Management

  4. COMM302   Conflict Management and Negotiation

  5. DIDG302       Digital Marketing

  6. HRMG303    Human Resource Management

  7. LEAD303       Cross Cultural Leadership

  8. LOGC303      Information Logic and Critical Thinking

  9. COMM303   Business and Professional Communication

  10. ORGC303      Organizational Change and Leadership

  11. MEAS303      Enterprise Performance Measurement

Below, you will find how the courses fit different areas of study, giving the graduate a well-rounded education.



1 Composition

2 Human Communication

8 Business Writing

9 Sociology

14 Creative Writing

33 Conflict Management

38 Business Communication


3 Critical Thinking & Logic

4 Leadership Foundation

10 Psychology

13 Organizational Behavior

15 Global Leadership

24 Leadership in Organizations

35 Human Resource Management

37 Information Logic

36 Cross Cultural Leadership

39 Organizational Change Leadership


6 Introduction to Marketing

22 Strategic Marketing Management

29 Professional Selling & Management

34 Digital Marketing


11 Business & Society

12 Global Business Awareness

19 International Business

26 Supply Operations

28 Business Plan Creation

30 Entrepreneurship

31 Small Business Management

32 Project Management


5 Accounting

25 Managerial Accounting II

27 Fundamentals of Finance

40 Enterprise Performance Measurement


16 Micro-Economics

17 Business Statics

18 Macro-Economics

20 Mathematical Analysis for Business


7 Introduction to Information Systems

23 Cyber-Security



21 Law and Ethics


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