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American Global University intends to make education affordable for the world’s learning-ready people.  Our online program, at the inception of our course offerings, will lead to an opportunity to study on-ground in the United States, providing AGU’s learners the vital experience toward a more globalized society.  AGU’s courses are similar to those offered by prestigious and well-known world universities.  The educators for AGU possess the required credentials to give students the vital knowledge necessary to succeed post graduation.  Many, if not most of our professors have vital work experience in the areas of their expertise, such as leading companies, developing new markets, and providing better healthcare to the population.  The online class size is small to allow the professor a better chance at communicating and filling the needs of the student body. AGU’s goal is to let online student study a part of their degree at an on ground campus, if so desired, later in their educational journey.  

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