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The Doctoral Program has been created to be completed in two years, giving the student some of the newest knowledge leading to top positions within different organizations.  The coursework includes 19 courses plus a dissertation, resulting from empirical research by the doctoral candidate. Included in this program are studies in Leadership, Critical Thinking, Risk Management, Research, Business Optimization, Marketing to the Customer, Financial Value Added, Statistics, the Global Economy, Entrepreneurial Management, and Internal Auditing.  In addition, the curriculum offers knowledge in the Internet based economy , as well as emerging leadership models.  Here are the courses offered in this program.

Year 1

  1. LEAD601       Leadership, Theory and Practice

  2. CRTH602       Creative and Critical Thinking

  3. RISK603        Risk Management in Complex Organizations

  4. RSRC604       Fundamental Principles of Sound Research

  5. RSRC605       Research Design

  6. INFO701       Executive Information Systems

  7. LEAD702       Contemporary Leadership Issues

  8. QUAL703      Qualitative Methods and Design

  9. OPER704       Issues in Optimizing Operations

  10. TRBS705       Transforming the Business

Year 2

  1. FINM801      Financial Measures for Value Added

  2. MKTG802     Marketing and Managing the Customer Relationship

  3. BUSS803       Introduction to Business & Administrative Study

  4. STAT804        Statistical Research Methods and Design

  5. ORGT805      Organizational Theory and Design

  6. ECON901      Strategic Opportunities in an Internet Based Global Economy

  7. SUPP902       Supply Chain Process

  8. AUDT903      Internal Auditing

  9. BUSS904       Entrepreneurship of Small Business Management

  10. DISS905        Dissertation Proposal an Project Completion


All Courses a 3 credit hour courses. Each course is 8 weeks in duration. The program is structured so a student can take up to 2 courses at a time in order to complete the program within the two-year period. The student’s knowledge will be expanded in the following areas:

Leadership Courses

1. Leadership, Theory, Practice

2. Creative and Critical Thinking

3. Risk Management in the Complex

​7. Contemporary Leadership Issues

Operations Related Courses

9. Issues in Optimizing Operations

15. Organizational Theory and Design

16. Strategic Opportunities in and Internet Based Global Economy

Research Related Courses

4. Fundamental Principles of Sound Research      

5. Research Design

8. Qualitative Methods and Design

14. Statistical Research Methods & Design

20. Dissertation Proposal and Project Completion

Finance Related Courses

11. Financial Measures of Value Added

18. Internal Auditing

Business Related Courses

6. Executive Information Systems

10. Transforming the Business

13. Introduction to Business and Administration study

19. Entrepreneurship of Small Business Management

Marketing Related Courses

12. Marketing & Managing the Customer Relationship

17. Supply Chain Process

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