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COMP101       Composition, First Year

This course  helps the new student understand how to write and compose logical communication  It is an introduction to academic writing for college level courses.


COMM101      Introduction to Human Communication

This course teaches how communication works, and how to communicate more effectively.


CRTL101          Critical Thinking and Logic

Critical thinking is important in life and business to provide the learner with an understanding of and use of correct logic and distinguishing it from incorrect reasoning.


LEAD101         Leadership Foundation

Leadership  skills are important to anyone with any leadership role.  This course provides fundamental principles of leadership to help you apply leadership skills at work or in every day life.


ACCT102         Introduction to Accounting

This course  helps the student analyze, classify and record business transactions & understand a complete accounting cycle.


MKTG102        Introduction to Marketing

This course gives the student a clear understanding of how the marketing function works, including the 4 Ps, Product, Price, Promotion, and Place.


INFO102          Introduction to Information Systems

This introductory course creates foundational knowledge of computerized information, and how to use it.

BUWR102       Business Writing

This more advanced writing course  helps the student learn to write for different audiences, for ideas, solutions, research, with good tone and syntax.

SOCI103          Introduction to Sociology

Sociology is the study of society.  This course teaches role of events and personal experiences to interaction with society in general.

PSYC103          Introduction to Psychology

Psychology is the scientific study of people, the mind and behavior. It is both a thriving academic discipline and a vital professional practice. Students will be Learning, memory, sensation, perception, stress, health, disorders and research models

BUSS103          Business and Society

Business exists within a society.  This course will introduce the student to the role of business in society and how it can respond to world situations and local situations.

GLBU103         Global Business Awareness

The business world is no longer localized. In this course, students will learn how do goods flow through international channels and across cultures.

ORGB103        Introduction to Organizational Behavior

Businesses are places where people work.  These people may have different cultures and backgrounds an knowledge.  The student will  learn life inside organizations, with knowing fundamental patterns of human behavior, and be able to adjust to these difference.


COMP201       Creative Writing

This advanced course in writing teaches the student how to create and self-express in writing, for self and business.

LEAD201         Global Leadership

As the world interacts among cultures and nationalities, Leaders in the global arena need an understanding of how cultures affect the business world internationally.

ECON201        Principles of Micro-Economics

Microeconomics is the social science that studies the implications of incentives and decisions. Microeconomics shows how and why different goods have different values, how individuals and businesses conduct and benefit from efficient production and exchange, and how individuals best coordinate and cooperate with one another. The student will also Learn economic models and the application and use of these models.

STAT201          Business Statistics

Statistics is the collection and interpretation of data, that is essential to the viability of a firm.  Students will also learn organization measurement, central tendency, simple regression, and testing, as these principles apply to successful business.

ECON202        Principles of Macro-Economics

Macroeconomics is the study of the economy and the factors that explain and regulate an entire economic system. Macroeconomics deals with the entire business universe. And the student will gain an Understanding of the goods, labor, and money markets and to think critically about the economy

INTB202          International Business

Doing business internationally requires knowledge  of the effects of international business that exist due to cultures, tariffs, and basic international interaction.

MATH202       Mathematical Analysis for Business

The student will learn linear programming, probability, variables, and how business works, through the understanding of numbers.

BLAW202        Business Law and Ethics

Doing business in society requires  ethics, principles, rules and standards of ethics in business, advertising, and law.  Laws exist to protect both the business and the consumer.  Knowledge of these laws is essential for viability and profitability.

MKTM203       Strategic Marketing Management

The customer is the reason for an enterprise to exist.  The student will learn to develop and implement marketing strategy to create and maintain customer value.

SECU203         Cyber-Security

Computers have helped make business more effective and easier to mange.  Knowledge of cybersecurity theory, optimizing security for personal and networks is essential for the student to acquire.

BUSS203          Leadership in Organizations

Leadership is not just for managers or senior people in an organization.  Students will learn critical leadership skills in any situation, not just in a managerial function.


ACCT203         Managerial Accounting II

Managerial Accounting focuses on internal reporting to essential management to help these people make appropriate decisions for and on behalf of the business. This information is not for public viewing, but used internally.

SUPP203         Supply Operations Management

The word supply deals with both incoming, internal, and external or outgoing goods and services.  The student will learn the importance of how to Manage all activities of moving goods from manufacture to warehouse to consumer.


FINA301          Fundamentals of Finance

Finance includes the acquisition of money for purposes of capital improvements, acquisitions, inventory, and other costs created by running a business. Students will gain an  understanding of finances for corporate and general management.


BUSP301         Business Plan Creation

A business plan is the guiding document for creating and/or directing the activities of a business.  Developing a business plan based on a real life business idea.  Students will learn the essentials of a business plan.


PROF301         Professional Selling and Management

In order for a product to move and profit to be made from that product, it has to be sold.  Professional selling and sales management are essential to a firm’s profitability.  This course will also help the student understand how to  manage sales territories and sales groups.


ENTR301         Entrepreneurship

This course will expose students to Creating a mindset to look at opportunities from independence and recognizing innovation, in order to bring a product or service, profitbly to market.


SMBU302        Small Business Management

A large part of the commerce in the world is conducted by small organizations, sometimes by as few as one person.  This course will help the student understand how to start up and run a small business and new ventures.


PRMG302       Project Management

Project Management is similar to running a small business, but is usually found in larger enterprises.  New product launches, vendor changes, supply chain changes are things that are affected through projects. Students will learn how to launch and manage a project with costs, schedules, and earned value.


COMM302      Conflict Management and Negotiations

Students will learn conflict theories, critical analysis, third party intervention, and negotiation, all of which are essential to know within any size business or entity.


DIDG302         Digital Marketing

As the computer age matures, more business is done through digital channels.  Students will learn how and why to use digital marketing, marketing channels, and identify latest trends, to create new companies, or improve the marketing results of existing companies.


HRMG303       Human Resource Management

Laws exist to protect the employer and the employee.  Students will learn theories and laws  to guide them and to learn behavior and legal approach to hiring and staffing, to meet organizational needs.


LEAD303         Cross Cultural Leadership.

Effective communication is essential, in companies, especially across cultures, in both the domestic and international markets.  Students will gain a fundamental knowledge of culture and how to lead in a multi-cultural business environment.

LOGC303         Information Logic and Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking is vital in doing business.  Students will learn how to detect and defend oneself against deceptive arguments, and to be ale to construct better arguments.

COMM303      Business and Professional Communication

Communication within organizations, group problem solving, formal presentations are all essential to the proper functioning of an organization.  Students will learn how to create the proper communication for business and organizations to provide clarity for the intended audience from the delivered message.


ORGC303        Organizational Change and Leadership

Knowing when organizational change is necessary, managing change, participating in change are very important to leadership in business and organizations.  Students will learn how to identify these needs and to be able to implement them for success growth of the firm or organization.

MEAS303        Enterprise Performance Measurement

Students will learn the use of business intelligence to attain corporate goals and realize strategies.  There are key indicators that provide vital information to leadership on the status of the existing situation.  These indicators will be addressed within this course.

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