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The MBA program offered by American Global University is very unique, in that it provides the student with knowledge in multiple areas of business.  The 12 courses in this program cover what each student will need in order to be valuable to his or her organization, giving the student a well-rounded education in Business Leadership.  Students will learn about marketing, leadership, communication, risk management, financial management, economics, supply chains, international business, information, and e-commerce.  Each course has a 6-week duration.

Courses for the American Global University MBA program were selected based on the offerings of some of the top U.S. Universities.

The courses contained in the program are the following:

  1. STRA501       Digital Social Media and Marketing Strategy

  2. EBUS502       E-Commerce

  3. FINM503      Corporate Financial Management

  4. RISK504        Corporate Strategy and Risk Management

  5. OPER505      Process and Operations Management

  6. SUPP506       Supply Chain Logistics and Management

  7. COMM507   Strategic Communication and Leadership

  8. LEAD508       Leading and Managing in Changing Times

  9. MKTG509     Marketing Research for Decision Making

  10. INTL510        International Business

  11. ECON511      Applied Economics

  12. INFO512       Information Systems

This program has been designed to be completed in one year, thus helping students move on into leading roles in their organizations, or to new opportunities.  The curriculum presents knowledge in areas that have a contemporary application in today’s business world.  General knowledge is provided in traditional areas of business including,  marketing, economics, strategy, risk management, research, information,  finance and communication.  In addition, emphasis will be provided in the digital arena such as E-Business and Digital, Social Media, and Marketing Strategy, along with leadership in a changing business environment. The student will be exposed to the changing international business arena. The overall program will help the student become well-rounded within what will be expected in the business community. Completion of this program of study will help the graduate become a major asset to organizations. 

E-Commerce Courses

1. Digital Social Media & Marketing Strategy

2. E-Commerce

Leadership Courses

7. Strategic Communication and Leadership    

8. Leading and Managing in Changing Times    

Business Related Courses

9. Marketing

10. International Business

Finance Courses

3. Corporate Financial Management

4. Corporate Strategy & Risk Management

11. Applied Economics


5. Process and Operations Management

6. Supply Chain Logistics and Management

12. Information Systems

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